Congratulations to our 2021 Winners

2020 saw the launch of the PRWeek Healthcare & Pharma Communications award scheme aimed to recognise and celebrate some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic parts of the UK comms landscape.

The winners were decided by a panel of industry leading judges and our inaugural ceremony took place 18th February. Miss out or need some inspiration for your entries? Why not rewatch the ceremony and read all about the winners below.

Once again congratulations to everyone named a winner and highly commended, we hope to see you play a major part once again in 2021.

2021 Winners

Campaign or Project Categories

Best pharmaceutical product launch (non-OTC)

Takeda UK’s launch of Takhzyro

Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Hereditary angioedema (HAE) is a severe, unpredictable, rare disease which can result in life-threatening swelling attacks. Our aim was to position Takhzyro®▼ as the number one choice for long-term prevention of HAE attacks and more broadly, move further towards zero attacks as SoC whilst optimising patients’ access to Takhzyro, with t...

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Best public health awareness campaign

I am number 17 – A campaign to raise awareness of rare disease across the UK

Hill+Knowlton Strategies for Takeda UK

People living with rare diseases are often marginalised, facing lengthy waits and multiple visits to doctors simply to receive a diagnosis. While seemingly uncommon in fact, 1 in 17 people in the UK are affected by a rare disease. I am number 17 is a campaign to make their voices heard. We paired 17 people living with a rare disease wi...

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Best healthcare/pharma crisis comms response

Best use of public affairs in a healthcare/pharma campaign

Best use of media relations in a healthcare/pharma campaign

The Forgotten C

Macmillan Cancer Support

COVID-19 has been devastating for people with cancer. There have been delays in diagnosis, disruption to treatment and uncertainty for the future for thousands of cancer patients.We needed to take action to put cancer firmly at the top of the news and Government’s agenda; to fight for the needs of people living with cancer at a time wh...

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Best use of social media and/or influencers in a healthcare/pharma campaign

Maybe It's Not Thrush


Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal condition, yet 60% of women mistake their symptoms for thrush. So when Balance Activ came to Brands2Life we tackled the issue head on with the ‘Maybe It’s Not Thrush?’ campaign, a straight-talking approach to help women spot the symptoms of BV and treat themselves effectively.Launchin...

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APCO Worldwide

Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in England and is particularly prevalent in young people. BD appointed APCO to find out what was behind this trend; to develop a strategy to reverse it; and to test the strategy with a pilot project in an area of England which the NCSP identified as having particularly low testi...

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Hand Washing Challenge

freuds Health & Behaviour Change

Agency: NHS England

freuds was tasked with driving awareness of the new Government guidelines around hand washing and accelerating behaviour change in order to minimise the spread of COVID-19.We carefully selected a number of relatable, trusted and credible ambassadors who could use their reach and influence to reinforce and explain the government message...

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It's more than height, it's health! Empowering parents to measure their child's growth


In 2019 Novo Nordisk launched, an online resource to equip parents with information/tools to measure their children regularly and correctly. To reach UK parents in a trustworthy way, we co-created a campaign leveraging parenting influencers to share their experiences and engage with parents through social. We con...

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NHS Workforce

freuds Health & Behaviour Change

Agency: NHS England

Every day of the current COVID-19 crisis reminds us of the importance of our NHS. Unfortunately, a lack of qualified NHS nurses was a critical issue for the health service long before the pandemic hit. The vital NHS recruitment campaign, ‘We Are The NHS’, set out to tap into the hearts and minds of the nation, and most importantly thos...

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Soothing Mind & Skin Campaign


How do you transform a ‘dull’ and ‘medicated’ skincare brand with little awareness outside of the prescription category into a desirable consumer must-have? A problem Brands2Life tackled for Diprobase, as they launched two over-the-counter (OTC) products.Tapping into the holistic health and wellbeing trend, we launched the Soothing Min...

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Best use of content in a healthcare/pharma campaign

Every Mind Matters

freuds Health & Behaviour Change

Agency: Public Health England

Freuds created mass engagement around Every Mind Matters - a new NHS-endorsed digital platform designed to empower people to take action to look after their mental health.To do this, freuds produced a short film featuring public figures and non-celebrities; each having addressed mental health concerns, they encouraged the public to do ...

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BREATHLESS: The story of life with severe asthma


Thirty-three million people live with the devastating effects of severe asthma, yet they struggle to receive the diagnosis, care and treatment they need. Progress has been slow, and support for reform of care pathways is low.We grabbed the attention of policymakers to secure commitments to improve quality of life for people living with...

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IVDR Transition Campaign


With just over two years to the Date of Application of the IVDR, and a typical conformity assessment requiring 9-12 months to complete, our challenge was to educate thousands of manufacturers, many of whom are completely new to the IVDR, to ensure safe, uninterrupted access to lifesaving IVD medical devices for patients.The success of ...

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Team or Agency Categories

Best healthcare/pharma comms agency

Best agency healthcare/pharma comms practice

Individual Categories

Healthcare/pharma comms newcomer of the year

Best healthcare/pharma comms professional (agency)